Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Genny's first "sick" day

Genny is 3 1/2. Today may be her first official "sick" day.

Don't get me wrong. She has honestly had a bad cold for three or four days. I even had to take her to the Medical Walk-In Center yesterday because her ear was hurting. The doctor said Genny has a cold and the goop is running down her throat and filling up behind her ears. She's taking Mucinex and feeling much better.

But this morning, I made the mistake of asking, "Do you feel well enough to go to school?" I probably should have said, "You seem well enough to go to school!"

She dropped her head down, batted her eyes, sniffed a little, and said, "My nose is crunchy. And I'm a bit coughy. I better not go to school today."

She got me. I'm the one who asked. And she gave me my answer.

So, Genny is home today. I have about a zillion things to try to get done today. I need to finish a syllabus for my Intro to Literature class, which begins on Friday. I need to send queries to agents. Wash clothes. Do dishes. Write. Practice yoga. And, of course, there's more.

Right now, Genny's saying, "Moooooomy..."

I need to go look for a little pencil.