Friday, January 02, 2015

The Struggling Mom Wants to Break the Cycle

I was just looking through the comics I had tried doing awhile ago.

Well, awhile ago turns out to be 2008! Really, Sheila? Seven years ago I was writing about the same things I'm dealing with today, except add one more kid into the mix?

This is perhaps why I don't like to make New Year's resolutions. They seem to serve to make me regret what I don't accomplish as opposed to being happy for any little triumphs.

I wanted to keep working on my comics and try to further my drawing, but I didn't.

And it seems I'm still the "struggling mom."

Always trying, but never achieving.

Always being too hard on myself.

Maybe I should make a not be so hard on myself. To accept what is.

But if I'm not able to actually do that, will I just see it as another failure on my part?

Seems like an endless circle set up to make sure I stay stuck.

Perhaps I am a walking, talking example of a fulfilling prophecy.

Perhaps my resolution instead should be to figure out how to break the cycle.