Friday, August 26, 2005

Oh, Blog

I start class on Tuesday. I am going to be so busy writing with my three classes, but do not worry. Do not fret. I will not neglect you, oh blog of mine.

This blog has really become one of the most committed writing assignments of my life so far. I feel a great need to report on the day’s happenings every evening. I have finally loosened up on myself about having to write something brilliant every time, hence my latest downward spiral into ending every entry with, I’m tired.

Today is Friday and that is very good. Nick will be with baby and me for the weekend making my life much easier. Although I have noticed this past week that I am beginning to enjoy my time with Genny more. I do love hearing her babble on all day. And as people point out day after day, she is such a happy baby. And, yes, cute, of course.

Her latest thing is walking around on her knees, which is adorable, but very rough on the pants. She actually had dirty knees when we came home tonight even though she had on pants all day. How does dirt get through pants?

She is so laughy and sweet and intense all at once. I do love her so.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Genevieve was talking nonstop all day. She’s got a running commentary going on. Perhaps she’s going to be a talk show host one day—The Genevieve Terzi Show.

I also learned an important lesson today—do not mention the word bath to Genevieve while she is still eating dinner. This is how the scene unfolded: Baby happily eating her macaroni and cheese. Mommy says, “Genny’s going to take a bath tonight.” Baby’s face turns up and brightens. Baby says, “Ba! Ba! Ba!”

I brought her to her bedroom to undress her and then she took off at full crunning speed right into the bathroom and hoisted herself up against the tub. She turned and looked at me over her shoulder as she tried lifting her left leg over the tub’s edge.

Tonight was only the second time that I dumped water over head to rinse the shampoo out. I used to have her in a reclining baby tub that made it very easy to pour water over only the back of her head, but those days are over. She has to get used to getting water in her face. Don’t ask me why—she just must. Anyway, she did not so badly tonight.

And I hate to bore you with the same old tired song and dance, but it is true. And so I must call it quits for the night.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Genevieve nods her head up and down. She says or tries to say just about anything you say to her. She walks holding on to only one hand. She is turning into quite a toddler.

I feel my head bobbing up and down from sleep deprivation. I say anything you say to me in some sort of dyslexic, twisted attempt at communication. I walk holding on to only one cup of latte. I am turning into quite a mommy.

I sit here in my rolly chair, my feet tucked up underneath me and my chin resting against my knees. I have hiccups and I feel hungry, but it seems too late to eat. I have much work I should be doing. I have only choppy sentences coming to mind.

I feel the need to be entertained. I feel the need to roll around in a king-sized bed naked. I feel the need to sleep for a week. I feel the need to not think about Cookie Monster or any ABC songs.

My arm itches. And now the back of my ear itches. And now my right calf.

This is what is happening now in my life.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


The big news today was three poops. And I’m not talking three tiny turds, no, I’m talking three full diapers loaded down and up with poo, poo and poo.

The only way to get Genny to lie somewhat still during changing time is to give her a special toy only used for these instances. Somehow the toy that was selected is not even a toy, but some baby gift topper from my baby shower. It’s a small blue plastic baby carriage with plastic baby inside. All pieces are choking hazards. I do need to find a new diaper-changing toy.

Genny tried to climb a red chain link ladder at the playground, which is surely for bigger kids. She actually did very well, with my help, of course. She also was crawling back and forth over the wooden suspension bridge, which she has always been nervous about before.

There was a little boy, Adam, aged two-and-a-half, who kept following Genny everywhere she went. Genny would crawl a bit and then give a quick glance over her shoulder and yup, there he would be. At one point another boy was following her and a few little girls just stopped and stared at Genny—I guess to see what kind of magical powers she held.

Only fifteen-months old and she’s already got the boys chasing her.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Home Again

It was an uneventful trip in terms of E.R. visits. In fact, except for Nick having a one-day bout of stomach upset, we were all extremely healthy our entire trip.

We stayed at my mom and step dad’s cottage on Lake Williams in Lebanon, CT. Our drive up was excruciatingly hot, like 99 degrees, but after a day of heat, the weather cooled enough that we were cuddled under blankets at night.

Genevieve, Nick and I lazed about the cottage most of the time, which has a beautiful view of the lake and a cove, which was named after my mom, Mary’s Cove. We went out in the rowboat and the paddleboat—cutting through the lily pads and splashing through the little waves.

In the evenings after Genny went to bed, Nick and I got to work. All together, we wrote about six children’s books. Nick is great at coming up with rhymes. We had a lot of fun writing.

I was even lucky enough to find a Starbucks in Colchester, only a few towns away. We visited a few libraries and even found a huge pile of kids’ books in a dumpster behind the library (no, we weren’t specifically dumpster diving, just illegally dumping our trash).

I definitely came back relaxed. I only had a few days of feeling depressed, but not monumentally. I wish I had more time to sit by the water and veg out. I’m not fully discharged of stress yet.

But school starts next week and I’m still busy trying to get myself prepared. I am going to be very busy. Stop thinking of the future, Sheila, try to stay in the moment for at least a moment.

Oh, yes, Genny’s new words are boat, bowl and up. All very clear and lovely. And her walking is coming along very well. And she happily humped the cat this morning as Lula tried to lick her in the face. Yup, we’re home alright.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

We're Back

We are back from vacation. I’m relaxed and exhausted at the same time. I will blog more tomorrow, but I am wiped out right now.