Friday, January 20, 2012

Man's Greatest Fantasy: Stripper With Heart of Gold!

Screen Junkies highlights movies starring “Strippers with Hearts of Gold.”

I’m not sure if I agree with writer Gregory Wakeman that “Cinema has often looked to honor these characters...” though.

It seems more to me that Hollywood bigwigs like to make movies with strippers in them to draw in an audience. And then the studio heads are drawn to the scripts that fantasize strippers as not only totally hot, but also amazing humans.

That way, a man can fulfill his absolute desire—to have a woman who is sexually adventurous and also a real sweetheart and someone you would actually want to bring home to mom during the day. But once nighttime comes—watch out! She’s ripping off that bodice!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seven-Year-Old Body Image

Two different friends pointed me to this excellent piece by Janell Hoffmann “Mom, I’m Fat:” One Mother’s Inspired Response to Her 7 Year Old on Rachel Simmons’ website.

In the essay, Hoffman reacts just as I believe I would if my daughter said those words. She’d dumbfounded; she’s done everything right in raising her to love herself just the way she is. She tries to talk her way through the issue with her daughter but finally feels out of words.

That’s when she does what I have resorted to in similar type situations; she strips off her own clothing and makes up a silly song.

““We are perfect, just the way we are.” It’s wild and silly, but I cannot be stopped. We’re shaking everything, and she’s belly laughing and totally thrilled. I pick her up. We are a ridiculous and magnificent pair. The other kids hear the commotion and barge in. They are confused and horrified. I carry her to the bedroom raving about all the ways we are powerful and naked and women. We settle into comfy pajamas and read a story together. Fat is not mentioned again.

On this night, I have no idea if I have succeeded. I’m not sure if what I said and did had an impact, if I fixed anything, or even if I changed her mind. But I do know that I must continue to infuse myself and my children with bold confidence. I must check in, ask questions, take the time. I must build and undo. I must be open and genuine. I must but willing to dance naked in the mirror, resist the urge to see all the ways five babies have changed me, and stare straight into my reflection with love. Then together, with a twinkle in our eyes, we only see radiance shining back.”
To me, this is what we must do as mothers of girls. We must improvise and respond to the situations presented to us. We must be honest and open. We must be willing to strip down our own inhibitions about our imperfect bodies and learn how to embrace ourselves as we teach our daughters to do the same.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Does the World Really Need a Stripper "Reality" Show?

Madame Noire’s Editor expresses her feelings about the possibility of a new reality show coming to VH1 about the Miami strip club King of Diamonds—to summarize, she’s not looking forward to it.

A dancer there, Blac China, who appeared in the rapper Tyga’s video for “Rack City” may be the star of the show.

“And if the show will be anything like the “Rack City” video, which features some exotic dancing entertainment, you’ll be subjected to a whole lot of booty shots, pole twirling and thirsty (I’m talking DEHYDRATED) guys going gaga at the club.”

The Editor points out that she has nothing against the ladies working there, but she doesn’t see any good of bringing this show to television. And I would have to agree.

I’m not against strippers stripping obviously, but if this just becomes the next new reality show to go mainstream I think we’re heading down a bumpy road.

I mean, what age women watch VH1?

I’m sure there’s going to be a whole lot of the glamorization of stripping presented without a hefty dose of the reality behind the dancers’ lives. Except of course when it leads to drama and catfights and all those other stripper stereotypes you can think of.

I fear that the show will be edited to convince people that all the stereotypes they have about strippers are true.

I’ve got news for you world—they’re not.