Friday, October 02, 2015

Grace Jones In Your Face

Recently, Grace Jones got a bit peeved that the father of her child, photographer Jean-Paul Goude, recreated her infamous champagne glass on booty photo with Kim Kardashian.

Well, to show the world that she's still the original, the almost 70 year-old flashed what her Mama gave her at a book event for her new autobiography, I'll Never Write My Memoirs.

Jones has been vocal about being the original rabble-rouser and that most current pop female artists are mere copycats of her outrageousness.

I suppose the magazine cover of Kardashian really does illustrate how she is being copied, but when the art in question is as apparent a copy as this, does it not then become a sort of tribute to the original?

Perhaps Jones could see her imitators as carrying the torch that she first carried?

And come to think of it, was Jones actually the original bearer of the exhibitionist flame? Perhaps she, too, had inspiration of those who shed before her?

 Isn't much art or creative expression a reflection or an amping up of what came before?