Sunday, August 28, 2005


Did you miss me last night, Mr. Blog? Nick, the baby and I were out in New Jersey with Grandpa Terzi celebrating his birthday. We dined out at a Japanese restaurant. Genny had her first bite of ice cream, but she seemed more interested in the fresh cantaloupe.

We had a first tonight. Genny was in the bath, splashing along. All of a sudden she stood up and we heard a wet, squishy unfolding sound and then a sploosh, kerplunk, plop. Genny pooped in the tub. Three turtles floating around, bobbing up and down.

I’m really sorry for the graphic nature of the last paragraph. For those of you reading this who don’t have children you’re probably thinking, “Man, that Sheila sure spends a lot of time thinking about and writing about poop.” If you have a baby, then you understand how important a thing poop is to one’s day.

At least we have passed the dreaded half-a-dozen poops a day phase of Gen’s life. One or two, or three at the most, poops a day is nothing. I remember when Gen was first born; I had never changed a diaper in my life. I felt so completely out of my element (or my smellement), but now, I can change a poop-filled diaper on a squirming, rolling, crying and generally unhappy toddler. Pretty impressive, I know.

Poop—it does a body good.


  1. Interesting blog, I found this through a comment on my blog. I used to strip at Flash, currently looking for a new place... please email me if you can recommend other manhattan clubs, penthouse and Hustler aren't hiring until September and I'm screwed for cash...

  2. It's fun to poop in the tub.

  3. ...and the sink too!

  4. Hey Sheila,


    Man, I hate those guys.

    But anyways, what a funny entry! :)

    And yes, yes...There are two separate days in the world of babyhood...

    ...Stinky days and not-so stinky days. :)

    But the tub thing...That hasn't happened since the days of, um, more liquidated whatnots were about.

    I'm sure you understand. :)

    Milk = Liquidated whatnots
    Solids = Not-so much

    And yet I blush anyways. :)

    - Ash

  5. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The joys of raising a toddler in New York. Good luck.

    And don't knock the bugaboo until you try it. It handles wonderfully. ;)

  6. Oh, I remember our moment of poop in the tub. I made some really bad decisions on how to deal with it and made the mess completely worse than it needed to be. I think that it is some type of parental rite of passage.

  7. I want to know what Genny's reaction to the poop in the tub was!

  8. Hey, have you noticed that poop blogging gets the most comments?