Friday, February 24, 2012

Stripper Cousin Makes Me Think About Nudity

From stripper mom to stripper cousin!

Alexis Tereszcuk reports on Radar about Kate Middleton’s twenty-one year old stripper cousin Katrina Darling.

“(She) is the second cousin once removed of Kate and Pippa Middleton. Katrina’s grandmother and the Middleton sisters’ great-grandmother, Lily, were sisters.

She calls herself the “Royal Family’s closest brush with soft porn,” and Katrina will be stripping on March 13 at her X-rated God Save the Queen show at WIP in SoHo.”
I guess it really is all about nudity and publicity, isn’t it?

A nude hat fashion show gets publicity. A nude semi-royal gets publicity.

It’s official. The world likes nudeness!

“I take my clothes off, but I don’t give away anything that should be kept for someone else,” she told the New York Post.
Well, I would think that’s subjective, isn’t it? Some people would think even showing a little leg to someone you’re not married to is sacrilegious.

I mean, is there an accepted amount of nudity anymore?

Can a stripper be modest?

Can a bikini model be prudish?

Is it okay to be topless on a beach but not in a magazine?

Does it matter what the nudity’s intent is?

How nude is too nude?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nude Pregnant Model Wears a Hat

Thank you Daily Mail for this story—Hat's on! But everything else is off... Pregnant glamour model walks the runway naked at London Fashion Week—by Maysa Rawi.

To sum it all up for you, there’s this hat designer who is an unknown and, well, she really wanted some publicity, so, you know, she had a fashion show and she had her models wear hats and nothing else, and oh yeah, one of the models was eight-months pregnant.

And she’s the first one to say the nudity has no artistic meaning or value other than, getting people’s attention.

“Coles, 31, from Pontypool, South Wales, said she wanted to include Cahill, who is a friend from home, because it is rare to see pregnant women on the catwalk.”
Well, I suppose this is good in the sense that an artist is taking a cue from advertisers and doing what it takes to get people to take notice of her wares.

Hmm, should I call her an artist if she herself admitted just doing it for publicity’s sake?

And I don’t see anything too spectacular about the hats, so I imagine the initial burst of publicity will not result in anything momentous, but she did get the free publicity she was looking for.

As for the pregnant model? Cool for her. I bet she felt beautiful walking nude in all her Mama glory. I know whenever I’m pregnant, I feel very secure in my body image because I know people aren’t judging me for my weight gain.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Human Trafficking at a Strip Club?

An interesting story from Cape Times on iol News, “Mavericks dancers: We’re free to come and go.”

There have been allegations of human trafficking at Mavericks strip club in South Africa. A reporter interviewed three dancers and checked out their accommodations and the club.

Apparently women come to Mavericks from other countries for the good money.

“The spotlight has fallen on the behind-the-scenes activities of Mavericks strip club, with Western Cape High Court Judge Siraj Desai asking the Human Rights Commission to investigate the working conditions of exotic dancers at the club, saying they could constitute human trafficking.

This was after corporate permits for 200 foreign dancers were revoked by the Department of Home Affairs. Mavericks owner Shane Harrison invited the Cape Times to visit the dancers’ residential premises, where Zara NICHOLSON spoke to three women.”
The owner provides the dancers with their own room in a nice building with a pool; they do have to pay the club a monthly fee to work at Mavericks, which includes the boarding if they so choose.

Two of the three women interviewed are mothers. One is caring for severely handicapped boys and now can afford three nannies. Another one is putting herself through school to have a better life.

I suppose as long as exotic dancing offers women the opportunity to make quick cash when there are no other jobs available, we’re going to have women willing to strip.

I am pretty astonished at how much money these women must be making though to afford the lifestyles they refer to.

One dancer said, “I would not be able to afford the help I need for my kids in any other way. I am giving them a good life, we have a beautiful house with a garden and a pool,” she said.

These three dancers were picked to be interviewed by the owner of the club. Hmm...