About Stripping Down

I’m a former New York City stripper who went on to become my college’s valedictorian. I’m now an author, a speaker, a writing teacher, a mom and a yoga instructor.

I encourage other mothers to “strip down” to create the life and self they deserve through writing without judgment as a path to self-acceptance. Women can express their true selves to find fulfillment in life and to do that we must be willing to face our pasts and learn to love ourselves regardless of the “stories” our lives tell. I encourage women to express themselves through words—journaling, writing memoir, and eventually sharing what they write about their lives with the world.

On Stripping Down: The Blog, I write about everything having to do with body image, self-acceptance,  women's empowerment, celebrities, parenting and writing.

If you are interested in writing a guest post on any of these topics, please submit to shageman@hotmail.com.

Sheila Hageman, author of Stripping Down: A Memoir, is a multi-tasking wife and mother of three who blogs for The Huffington Post. To learn more about Sheila and everything she does, please visit SheilaHageman.com.

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  1. I'd love to interview you for my blog segment your work is great, so inspiring (i'm a mom too) - love juno