Monday, August 24, 2009

Mom finds teen daughter performing at topless bar

Rosemary Lumpkin says she got an anonymous call from someone claiming her 15-year-old daughter was a stripper at the business. So this spunky mom didn't waste any time -- she called Cocoa police and officers raided the place.

Why is this mother “spunky”? What mother wouldn’t call the police when they found out their fifteen-year-old was stripping?

The most disturbing thing about this article is the comments section. There are some really whacked-out responses to the fact that a fifteen-year-old girl was stripping. I’m wondering what planet these people are from.

Here’s a fine example:

More girls should start out this way as to get ready to spend their life serving their MAN as they should!

There is nothing like a well oiled machine, if you know what I mean?

Women were born to take care of MEN regardless of what happens to them....PERIOD!

For those of you who don't get it, GET OVER IT!

Oh, and I hope that this one was written as a joke, but…you never know.

I think it's a womans choice to dance on top of mens faces, laps, poles or wherever we want to dance! The dance is just a dance! We were born with our 'money makers' and we have the opshion of using them who ever way we want too. I gots lots of monies from doing this for meny years and are a verry eductated woman.
I terned out just fine and so will shie if only her mother aksepts her dancing. Dancing is an art form! We are artistses!
Not just hores!

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  1. wow. some of those comments are scary. that's why women are still basically slaves in other countries, and why sex trafficking is out of control in other countries.

    when did men get the idea that a woman's place was to serve him? actually it was the other way around, a long time ago. women were running the village while men went out to hunt for meat. people need to get educated. the info is out there is you look for it, but unfortunately, too many of us are uneducated and so these stereotypes remain.

    good post! I also think it's odd that this mother is called spunky. I have no problem with women stripping for money. but a 15 year old is too young. and before I get bashed for not fully stating my opinion on this, let me just cut to the chase: it's illegal for a 15 year old to strip. it's the law. get over it. and good lord, let a kid be a kid for a while. let a teen be a teen. why is everyone in such a hurry to become a sexual adult? yes, being a sexual adult is awesome. but so is just being a teen.