Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mistresses, Mistresses—Everywhere!

David Boreanaz -- The Marriage is Stable

I feel so bored by all the latest gossip about this and that mistress who slept with this married guy and that married guy and now wants money or fame or whatever.

But, of course, what makes me even crazier is that, again, most of the “blame” seems to be landing on the women instead of the men. Like, what? These women are such evil temptresses that no man can resist? Please. It takes two to tango.

And what makes me even crazier is that these women who have done nothing more than sleep with some well-known personalities will now be able to score themselves some nice book contracts. All it takes is a super-shot of “fame” for some silly reason and you are guaranteed a book publisher will come knocking on your door.

Just being a good writer does not qualify one for a book contract. Perhaps I should do something stupid and flashy to get the publishing industry to take an interest in me.

Alas, I believe those days are behind me.

I am now a mother of two children. Or should I say two-and-a-half?

Stripper Mom will be Mom times three come September.

Now if I could only have sextuplets or something, then I’d surely make a name for myself.


  1. Congratulations!!!

  2. I'm even more appalled by the balls these women have to ask for apologies. To the women who slept with Tiger Woods - PLEASE! You KNEW he was married. And the worst part is, while you may not get the apology you want (and actually YOU owe an apology to Elin), you will probably get a book deal. It's so sad.

    Keep plugging away, Sheila! You'll get there!