Thursday, August 25, 2005


Genevieve was talking nonstop all day. She’s got a running commentary going on. Perhaps she’s going to be a talk show host one day—The Genevieve Terzi Show.

I also learned an important lesson today—do not mention the word bath to Genevieve while she is still eating dinner. This is how the scene unfolded: Baby happily eating her macaroni and cheese. Mommy says, “Genny’s going to take a bath tonight.” Baby’s face turns up and brightens. Baby says, “Ba! Ba! Ba!”

I brought her to her bedroom to undress her and then she took off at full crunning speed right into the bathroom and hoisted herself up against the tub. She turned and looked at me over her shoulder as she tried lifting her left leg over the tub’s edge.

Tonight was only the second time that I dumped water over head to rinse the shampoo out. I used to have her in a reclining baby tub that made it very easy to pour water over only the back of her head, but those days are over. She has to get used to getting water in her face. Don’t ask me why—she just must. Anyway, she did not so badly tonight.

And I hate to bore you with the same old tired song and dance, but it is true. And so I must call it quits for the night.


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  2. Hey girl,

    You're not boring me in the least, for I too like bath time, and just the other night, baby girl actually said something that sounded an awful lot like "bath"! :)

    Sorta makes it all worth it.
    - Ash

  3. Naked baby racing down the hall with big smile on her face!!! I can just see it!!! (so, mamala, where's my photo?) (You can buy these cheap attachments that attach to the faucet in the bath for shampooing...)

    You sound pretty good these days, Sheila - I hope I'm right!