Friday, September 09, 2005

Love Fest

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged. I miss you, oh sweet, dear blog. I’m sorry I have not been faithful, but my other writings have demanded more from me. Blame it on them. Blame it on them, not me, oh dear, sweet blog.

I did make it through my second week of school. And I am proud of that. I am sinking into a rhythm, a schedule, a way of finding enough time to please all my selves and hopefully, all my loved ones as well.

Genny has reacted a bit roughly to the expanded babysitting hours by deciding she wants to nurse again. I understand. She’s clinging to Mommy. Now I need to figure out how to wean her off again.

She’s still almost walking. I’m sure one of these days out of the blue I’m going to be like, “Ack! She’s running everywhere! I can’t keep up with her.”

She’s taken a sudden disliking to the bath because she got water in her face last time and was traumatized. I think I’ll get her one of those little water visors. What a loved child.

And I do love school. And I do love writing. And I do love blogging. And I do love my husband. And I do love my baby.

It’s a love fest.


  1. Hey Sheila,

    I'm so happy to hear that school's going well for you.

    And the little shampoo visors...

    ...Girl, I need one too!

    I ALWAYS get water in her face, and then I feel oh so sad. :(

    About the love: Not to sound like a complete idiot, but I don't guess I ever realized that you and Nick were actually married.

    But I'm glad you love your husband and your writing, and I’m glad that you still have time to blog. :)

    - Ash

  2. I'm LOVIN' the Love Fest!

  3. Anonymous3:03 PM

    RADMOMS: Moms Who Work Full Time and Parent Alone

    A new blog I'd love for you to peruse when you have the chance :)