Monday, July 27, 2009

How old are we?

Mama is feeling mean today.

If the wrong breeze brushes by me, I’m going to blow.

Just one of those days when I feel angry at everyone and everything.

I had a nightmare experience with Nana in Stop and Shop. Taking care of her is wearing me thin. She’s my grandmother and so, of course, I will do all I can, but sometimes I think I’m going to lose it big time.

Taking care of a 7-month old, a five-year-old, and a ninety-year-old is just plain crazy.

Especially when the ninety-year-old says in front of the five-year-old, “I want to die.”

And then, of course, you get the five-year-old saying to the ninety-year-old, “Why don’t you go home.”

So much fun to explain to them both that it’s because the other is “only five,” or “very old.”

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  1. OMG. that's all I can say. I feel for you. that is just AWFUL.