Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Churchgoers reach out to strippers after service, but all is not yet resolved

It seems some church-goers from New Beginnings Ministries in the village of Warsaw, Ohio, aren't too happy about some strippers shaking their stuff at the nearby Foxhole strip club.

The congregants have been protesting outside the strip club, so the strippers tried the same tactic by dancing in bikinis outside the church during services. 

It seems only fair.

But after Sunday's guest speakers, former-strippers-turned-Christians who preach to strippers, it seems like the two groups are trying to find a common ground.  Forgiveness is in the air, but not forgetting.  Both groups still plan the protests.

But the guest preachers did have success at the club, it seems.  They were able to convince two strippers to let Jesus into their hearts, if not leave the strip-world all together.

"Our hearts are with Jesus, but our bodies are at the Foxhole," Gina Hughes said.


  1. I've danced for a catholic priest. It's an ideal way to work confession into my life. It seems strange dancing and talking about God at the same time...