Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another Bad Rap for Strippers by Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins thinks that a lot of artists today are willing to do anything to be noticed.

I would agree. In this culture where if you aren’t a part of the social-media-marketing-tweeting phenomenon, no one may even know you exist.

Trust me, I think most artists, be they musicians, or writers, or visual artists, wish it weren’t that way. But you have to let people know you have something to offer.

The problem, Corgan thinks, has to do with what the goal is. He thinks a lot of artists today have no larger goal with their work other than being famous.

Andrew Martin at Prefix Magazine writes, Billy Corgan Calls New Artists "Strippers," Rants About "Posers" and quotes Corgan:

"[Artists that break through now] have grown up thinking that being famous is the goal," he said. "Not to be respected - not to be dangerous." He compared breakthrough artists to prostitutes, saying, "[once you make that deal] you're just the fresh stripper."

"Don't call it rock and roll," Corgan said. "I was part of a generation that changed the world - and it was taken over by posers.
This really is an important topic. But I think Corgan misses the metaphor by describing these wannabes as “strippers.”

Yes, strippers expose themselves for money’s sake with perhaps no thought of a bigger goal in mind, but that is not always the case.

Poor strippers are being given another bad rap by being the much-maligned group that is only about money and selling one’s soul.

Why not compare these wannabes as Wall Street traders instead? Aren’t they all about selling their souls for money, too? What is their bigger mankind-saving mission?

Oh, wait—or that would just be a generalization and Corgan wouldn’t do that, would he? I mean, he’s all about changing the world and all; I’m sure he doesn’t stereotype people, right?

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  1. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Corgan sounds like an old fart living in the past. What does he know about strippers anyway?