Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can't a Strip Club Help a Kid Out?

It’s the story about the strip club with a heart of gold, or something like that.

So, a Los Angeles-area little league needed $1,200 to keep their team up and running and a friendly donor came forward with the donation.

Only problem? The aforementioned philanthropist was Jet Strip gentleman's club and now the team is rejecting the generous offer.

Philip Caulfield of the New York Daily News reports that when the league’s chief learned where the money came from, he balked at the offer, which kind of goes against earlier reports that he knew where the money came from. But then the media picked up on the story and, you know, made it into a story, and then how was a little kids’ baseball team really going to be able to take the money without loads of controversy.

Supposedly, Jet Strip has been generous in the past and not wanted any recognition, but only to help. Some of these charities have turned down the club’s help, too.

I do find one mother’s comment about why it doesn’t matter where the money comes from quite sweet.

"Whoever is willing to get behind the kids in a positive way, you know, we have to be willing to support those people as well," local mom Tanya Dempsey told KTLA.”

And while I think that’s great in theory, I’m not quite sure how a bunch of baseball moms and kids would really be able to help support the Jet Strip.

What do you think? Should the team just take the donation and hope the media dies down, or is too late for that?

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