Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sarah Tressler: Reporter by Day; Stripper by Night

The big stripper news today is Sarah Tressler, the 29-year-old society news reporter during the day who strips by night.

The reason anyone is taking notice is because she writes for a conservative Houston paper and then, you know, does something not-so-conservative at night.

According to The Job Mouse: “Richard Connelly, writing on behalf of the Houston Press, exposed the double life of Miss Tressler, reported the Daily Mail.

Connelly wrote that Miss Tressler keeps a Facebook, Twitter profile and blog using the pseudonym ‘Angry Stripper’.”

Perhaps the biggest issue being raised with this story is that Tressler didn’t do a good enough job of leading a double-life. Or, if it was her intent to be found out to create some media attention, then she did a perfect job.

My biggest question for her though is--Aren't you exhausted?!


  1. Anonymous10:22 PM

    A brief inquiry about her reveals an angry woman, a man-hater basically. I've seen this before. It would take a psychologist to explain her. She gloried in the moniker "Angry Stripper".

  2. Anonymous7:25 PM

    She's gorgeous, but angry, so it takes away from her appeal. A lot.