Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Anderson Cooper and CT Style

Lot of rain here in the Northeast, but I'm keeping busy nonetheless!

Part II of an interview with me is up today on Elena Hartwell's Arc of a Writer blog. We discuss the process of memoir writing and how to remember all those pesky details for your writing.

I had a great time at Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show. The episode aired yesterday. I talked about Natalie Oliveros's story, a porn actress and mother, who is trying to rewrite her future as a wine purveyor.
The question was: Can a  "porn-mom" be a good mother? And you know what my answer is already.
I see no reason why a woman's occupation should determine anything having to do with being a mother. We can all be good mothers and have "other" selves that we don't share with our young children.
You can check out my clip (as recorded on my cell phone; sorry!) here.
And be sure to check out my interview tomorrow with CT Style on WTNH channel 8 in New Haven, CT, at 12:30 PM.


  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    "...good mothers and have "other" selves that we don't share with our young children." This is a valuable insight, because what about men who don't share their Tom Cat behavior, cheating, having affairs, keeping mistresses, etc.? Nobody questions if these men are bad fathers.

  2. Ah! Thank you for pointing out the old hypocrisy, Anon!

    Yes, it's okay for men to to do all sorts of stuff and get away with it, but the second a woman steps outside the proper role of "good mother," the judgements are going to fly!