Friday, December 27, 2013

Can Stripping Be Empowering?

A video segment I appeared in for Huffington Post has been posted on AOL Jobs, Can Strip Clubs Be Places Of Empowerment?

Watching it just made me realize how ANY place can be a place of empowerment, but sometimes only after the fact.

I didn't feel too empowered when men were belittling me back then, but I do feel empowered that I survived and managed to not be too bitter.

It's all in what we make of what happens in our lives...


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    Maybe if these dens of iniquity paid a living wage and the strippers did not need to forage for cash among drunk men in the audience, then the sacrosanct wall between customer and actor could be maintained. It would give the dancers a feeling of self-respect. Nude dancing would be just entertainment and not soft-core prostitution.

  2. Forget empowerment in strip clubs. They are entertainment venues at best. A business. Who feels empowered working their day job? It's just a job.

  3. Jane Austen1:52 PM

    It is a truth universally recognized that when you were 19 and stripping, Mr Darcy and others, even some Ladies, all praised your body. Nicer men did not put you down at all. They paid tribute to your beauty, which has a kind of power.

  4. Good point, Anonymous!

  5. Silver Frost...yes, true. It's a job. I got paid and I went home. Any empowerment found from a past difficult job can be seen as having survived it!