Friday, August 21, 2015

Thank You Sports Illustrated For Getting Rid of Those Pesky Models' Heads!

If you click on Sports Illustrated right now, you’ll be treated to an eye-full—a preview of the annual swimsuit edition, which comes out in February.

Oh! But they’ve made it fun and interesting for you!

They’ve chopped off the models’ heads, so you can guess who they might be.

And because, hey—it doesn’t really matter what face is attached to those bodies.

Chop them off, so you can have more control over your fantasies. Now you can imagine any beautiful woman’s face appearing there atop that body.

They’ve pre-dehumanized their models for your enjoyment.

Now, she is a sex object, but one that is not allowed to use her sexuality for power because when she doesn’t have a face, guess what else she doesn’t have?

She doesn’t have a bothersome mind to get in the way!

And even better—no mouth to speak with!

I am so excited to live in a world where men expect women to be willing to turn their face aside and let men take control. 

I am so thrilled to see women become objects placed on display.

I suppose it’s not surprising that we as women allow ourselves to be seen like this, because in fact this is how we see and treat ourselves. We are always aware of how we look and are usually presenting ourselves to the world in a way that assumes the ideal spectator of us is male, therefore our image is purposely designed to flatter the male species.

Why is it really that her face is not visible to us? 

She is not only de-humanized, but also depersonalized. We don’t get to see who she is as an individual; it’s like it doesn’t matter who she is, without her face in view she could be anyone.

For women seeing these faceless bodies, we also get to look and imagine our face there! We get to imagine what we could have been, but weren’t. We get to see what we should aspire to, what we should reach towards. 

As a society, must really be invested in what this image shows. If we weren’t, we would take a stand against corporations so blatantly fragmenting this whole image from our female history. Who cares what women have fought for, instead let’s laugh at our small voices asking for equality. 

Could it be that a sexist concept like this could be used as a wake-up call to us as a gender, or hopefully as a nation? Corporations assume this is how we want to be treated because we don’t speak loudly enough against it, otherwise these publicity stunts could not exist.

I may be accused of being a man-hater or a prude because of my stance, but that is not the case. I may be called a hypocrite for having been a part of the actual problem, and I will not deny those who say it, in fact—I will agree. 

I will agree that I was raised in a society where the only women I saw fighting the issues were those labeled as “feminists” in a demeaning voice. The only admired female icons were supermodels in bathing suits adorning sports magazine covers in grocery stores. 

Is it a surprise that I grew up to be a woman who saw female power as equivalent to how good she looks in a bikini? Is it any shock that so many women suffer from a desire to be perfect, which has resulted in many self-image problems and more dangerous physical diseases like anorexia and bulimia?

I am a woman. I feel anger at the stereotyping that we as women have learned to accept.

We are still being represented as a “faceless” gender, which Yves Sports Illustrated quite unabashedly points out to us. Until we stand up and say there’s something backwards going on, until we cry out at the inequality…nothing will change. I want things to change.  I want the next generation of women to not be confused by the double, fragmented, world they live in.

I want everyone to have face.

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  1. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Real men like to look at beautiful women's bodies. If they only cared about the face, then neither of us would be alive. Think about it. It's too PC to order publishers to always have a face in the frame of a model posing for anything.