Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Plastic Surgery as the Golden Ticket

In certain circles, it's totally normal to get lip-fillers and Botox even before one has graduated out of one's teens.

I remember meeting a young woman in her early twenties who was flabbergasted that I had not had anything done, what with me being in my forties and all.

She explained that everyone, everyone, she knew had at least Botox done.

Granted, she was a stylist's daughter and lived in New York City and worked in the fashion industry, but still...everyone.

Jezebel points us to Kylie Jenner's website today, but saves us from having to pay to receive the information promised by this title: My feelings on plastic surgery: The Whole Truth.

The gist of it--yup, she'd done lip fillers before she was eighteen.

And now, the whole truth part about how she feels about the possibility of plastic surgery: "Never say never."

So basically, she hasn't gone under the knife yet, but she's self-aware enough to recognize the world she lives in and the person she is and that, hey, you know, "Never say never."

Oh, and her website, is going to teach us how to look good without plastic surgery, but, you know...never say never.

My brain hurts a little bit.

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