Wednesday, August 10, 2005

21 Pounds, Give or Take

Off the high of yesterday’s good mood—today I splatted like a bug against the windshield of a semi-truck. I watched in horror as it happened, the truck’s window nearing my face and I powerless to stop it.

It all began when Genny wouldn’t take a morning nap and for some reason I found myself in the middle of a coma like need for sleep. Genny pooped all over her own foot thanks to a misaligned diaper. Then her afternoon nap, which should have been miraculously long turned out to last only forty minutes.

Then Genny and I needed to travel into the city for her doctor’s appointment (yes, her year-old one, and yes, she’s well into her fourteenth month). We were lucky enough to encounter not one, but two un-air-conditioned trains. We waited at the bank for twenty minutes to take care of some business and finally gave up and left when Genny’s cries were drowning out the muzak. Not to mention that while we waited, a gussied-up blonde sat next to us looking all lovely, wearing heels and a mini and I felt like one of those, dare I say it, moms, slumping in her old shorts, tee and unwashed hair. Yes, I cursed her quietly. I felt like screaming to the world, “I look that good, too! Just give me a couple of hours in a salon and spa, buy me a new wardrobe and hire me a nanny and I’ll outshine you anytime!”

Then a doctor’s visit for Genny where three needles were popped into her tasty little thighs. She’s wonderfully healthy, 21 pounds and either 2 or 12 ounces, unsure of which (bad mom syndrome again).

So, that’s the day. And now day is done.

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! Just yesterday i watched a very young 20-soemthing applying makeup on the train - from her Chanel bag. She was well dressed for work - nothing sexy, just a very polished and feminine look. She had a very beautiful face that I watched her transform into a tart. She really looked better natural. When she was done, she looked so painted. I'm sure men found her beautiful, but I thought it was overkill.

    And before you can say 'Alison, you were just jealous,' let me just say that I was jealous of her WITHOUT her makeup - which i thought was the finished product! And I was thinking to myself, I've NEVER looked that good in my entire life. And I silently cursed her.

    But don't beat yourself up, because for every supermodel-looking woman in NYC, there are at least 10 others nearby that are complete bag ladies. Mismatched colors for clothes, outdated fashions, ripped up shirts, workout wear that is so worn out even I wouldn't be caught dead in public wearing it - but there is always someone looking or wearing something i wuldn't be caught dead in public doing.

    The scary thing is, those people ALSO took hours to look that bad.

    Don't sweat the small stuff!

    and don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.