Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Nick made a good suggestion on how to handle my days with Genevieve, which seemed to work pretty well today. I imagined taking care of Gen as my “job” and she as my boss whom I was responsible to. My main focus when I was with her was taking care of her, playing and learning. I looked at any few moments I could spare toward my own endeavors as a bonus. And she wasn’t such a tough boss today.

I discovered my tolerance level for caffeine. My new theory was that I would begin to allow myself a little bit each day to help fight off the fatigue I’ve been feeling. Well, a Dunkin’ Donuts Turtle Nut Latte, a homemade coffee concoction and a Starbucks decaf mint mocha chip Frappucino is too much. Lesson learned—I developed an ocular migraine with a throbbing in my left eye socket like someone was drilling.

I somehow managed to wash my system out with lots of water and was able to make it to my now weekly new yoga client. I still have more work to do tonight, so I better make this closing quick and snappy, like—may all the babies all over the world sleep well tonight.


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry you had another one. Well, I'm very glad you took care of it and won't drink that much coffee again!

  2. I remember the first time I realized I had to approach caring for the kids in this way. I was in grad school as all three children were babies, and I cut out 90% of the stress in my life when I realized that I could give them the time that they were taking. I know it seems simple, but it was a hard learned battle for me. When I did it, I actually really enjoyed caring for the wee ones.

  3. That husband of yours is a pretty smart guy sometimes.

  4. That is brilliant! Because Lord knows I have had a few bosses that acted worse than babies! Just remember, your boss will actually grow and mature! Other employees are not so lucky. Although, in your case, you can't quit the job. Bummer. Just remember you are the boss too - you can shape her and mold her. It's never too young to start shaping the baby into the child you want it to be.

    I feel for you on the caffeine thing. I am desperately trying to wean off of it completely, but the pain is keeping me at 50% caffeine levels.