Thursday, June 04, 2009

Kick to the Head

Bravo to this stripper in Florida!

There were many occasions when I wished to do what she did. After a slap on the buttocks, she kicked back.

Apparently, the customer had broken bones, even though the Cheetah manager said he came back later that same night for another beer.

If anything, the stripper should be suing the guy. Yes, that’s what she should do—countersue!

What a great way for her and the club to get major media attention.

I would gladly take the stand to support the need to kick strip club customers in the head when they slap you on the ass.

Some men think just because a woman is dancing nude that it means they are asking for it, whatever the “it” is that he feels like doing.

“Hey! If a naked woman if sashaying her naked stuff inches from my face, of course I’m gonna grab it!”

Hey yourself! That’s her job! She’s not there so you can grab her ass—she’s there so she can make some money!

Keep your hands to your own self (as Genny’s teacher would say)!


  1. Until society can handle seeing naked mannequins in store windows, stripping should be banned. Because men can not control their dicks. The old "she was asking for it!" argument is really an admission that guys can not control themselves. This is why women are covered in the Middle East. In some countries, you get your hand chopped off for stealing. Maybe the strip club should have broken his hand after he slapped that dancer's butt? The judge in this lawsuit should break his hand and dismiss the case.

    Ah, the power women have! Why haven't we taken over the world yet? Maybe every woman should become a stripper. Then we could make men our slaves. No more war, no more recession.....

  2. I recently read the book 'Scars & Stilettos'. The ex-stripper said a man broke the 'no touching rule'. She had previously been told by someone that she had 10 seconds to react in self-defense, so she counted down the seconds blow by blow lol