Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Here is a funny stripper mom commercial. This would never fly in the United States.

I’m wiped out. I took Genny and Cole to the pajama storytime at the library.

Cole threw up pear sauce and breast milk all over him and me.

Genny actually sat in the circle with the other girls. She still looks to the others for how to act though. She laughs when they laugh. She copies. She follows.

I’m hoping that this year being the oldest at her Montessori School will force her into being a leader.

I want her to lead. I don’t want her to conform.


  1. I think all kids go through that phase. I bet other kids are watching and copying her too. She'll find her own voice!

  2. p.s what will you do if she doesn't want to be a leader? Are you going to let her choose to be a follower?

    Also, in a sense, we are all conformists. There are times when conforming is to our advantage - such as job hunting and obeying the law.

    I'd love to see you explore this more as you watch Genny in school!