Friday, December 30, 2011

Stripper Millionaires--Not!

The New York Post’s December 11th article by Eric Torbenson and Annie Karni—Shaking that moneymaker for 10 grand a night: Jiggle joint’s millionaire strippers share their naughty $ecrets—is pretty disappointing.

First of all, none of the strippers mentioned are “millionaires” by any means, so they stick that in the title and just perpetuate the myth of the uber-wealthy high-class gentlemen’s club stripper.

One stripper, Tali, explains how she made $10,000 from a guy because she told him her his name. And that he just wanted to talk about his troubled marriage.

But from what I’ve experienced, I kind of question Tali saying, “He wanted to know what I thought from a woman’s point of view.”

The thing is that strip club customers don’t think of strippers as “women” per se. It’s more like strippers represent pretty sounding boards that men want to reflect back what they already think.

I remember men talking about what shrews their wives were, like I’d totally get it because I was a stripper and hence must be really “cool” with men being chauvinistic pigs.

If I ever questioned them on their complaints (yes, I know that ruined my tips, but sometimes you’ve got to speak up, even in a strip club), they looked at me like, oh my god, she’s one of them! (“Them” being real women.)

And second of all, what “naughty secrets”?

Is it really any surprise to non-strip club customers that the strippers who make the most money are the ones who are “flirty and persuasive”? Not the ones who have the nicest bodies?

“It’s actually about having an appealing personality and spending your free time reading up on current events so you can engage men in conversation for hours while they fork over money because they feel a personal connection.”

Umm, yeah.

That’s what the serious customers are there for—the illusion that a pretty girl likes them. Just don’t break the illusion by questioning why their wives should have dinner on the table when they walk in the door—just trust me on that one.


  1. Stripping has nothing to do with your body... it is all about acting. If you flatter their ego, make them feel special, important and like you are really into them (meanwhile you're internally debating what smells worse - their breath or BO) then you make money. I have seen gorgeous girls walk away with nothing and average girls with curves bringing in thousands.

  2. Totally! That's when I would do well--when I could get in character and really "be" a stripper!

  3. I don't like the way the article makes it sound soooo easy to become "a top hustler making $600-800k a year"

    Is it possible? Yes
    Is it probable? No

    Realistically, a hardworker who averages $500/shift and works 4 nights a week will pull in 6 figures. Not too shabby.

  4. Not too shabby at all!

    Man, I wish I had been smarter when I was a stripper! I could have made soooo much more money!