Monday, January 02, 2012

More Women Considering Stripping in Down Economy

The Huffington Post UK’s Lucy Sherriff asks how far someone might go to find a job in Student Jobs Over Christmas: From Hamley's Elf To Stripper.

She spoke to two college students who took very different job routes over the holidays—one paying minimum wage as an elf and one paying lots of cold, hard cash for dancing in her skivvies.

Hannah, the 19-year-old student from Sheffield University, who started stripping, is making £400-£500 a night.

Is it any surprise that there are going to be many young women who turn to stripping when faced with this financial dilemma?

The concern becomes when stripping is something that they really don’t feel comfortable with, as Hannah expressed.

"I would hate for anyone to find out as I am quite ashamed - and it would ruin any chance of having a respectable career in the future. But I just can't afford to turn down that much money."
Before strapping on stilettos and pole dancing, women need to consider all the possible risks involved by examining their motivations and morals for the job.


  1. Lolly7:02 PM

    This frustrates me! The stigma attached to the adult industry (whether working in an adult store, stripping or sex work)is ridiculous. When will people realise that the job you do doesn't define you? It doesn't make you less of a person! I read another blog from a stripper who volunteers her days to helping cancer patients. Strippers are not people of low character, no morals, etc. I find the people who are fastest to judge are the ones who attend the clubs, pay for the lap dances and buy into the fantasy.

    I use to work at an adult store and could not get an interview with that on my resume. For some reason my skills in selling and renting dvds, cash handling, selling stock (and receiving bonuses for my sales skills) didn't matter because of the nature of the store. I changed the name of the store to a normal dvd chain and I started getting interviews.

    I don't think people should feel ashamed about stripping. Men don't feel ashamed about attending strip clubs! If guys want to pay to see two lumps of fat attached to a chest and an arse jiggling, the joke is on them.

  2. Ugh, Lolly, I know.

    We should get extra points for having dealt with being in the adult entertainment industry, like...Wow! You were a stripper?! You must be a great saleswoman, have a thick skin, and be willing to really work hard for your money!