Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Giving Birth in Black and White

IVillage has an incredible photo of a baby being born.

The photo by Lynsey Stone, titled "I Love You Baby!" shows a mother and father birthing the baby and is an entry in the National Geographic Photo Contest 2011.

When I first saw the photo I thought it might be fake. It just looks so staged and the mother seems to be playing the part of a woman in labor as opposed to actually experiencing the birth.

I mean, did she hold the baby in while a stylist made sure there were no signs of sweat on her, no hair out of place, no blood or other birth-related real stuff in the shot?

Is this really beautiful or just another example of how we are letting the world into every aspect of our lives as long as it’s been prettied up?


  1. None the less it still makes my vagina cringe.

  2. That reminded me of this one time where a friend of mine was showing pictures of her baby being born. She had warned me about how graphic they were. One of the last pictures was the infant coming out of her- body fluid and the umbilical cord attached. Her snatch wasn't showing.
    It was pretty cool. And yes the photo was in color.

  3. Ack! Not a cringing vagina!