Friday, February 24, 2012

Stripper Cousin Makes Me Think About Nudity

From stripper mom to stripper cousin!

Alexis Tereszcuk reports on Radar about Kate Middleton’s twenty-one year old stripper cousin Katrina Darling.

“(She) is the second cousin once removed of Kate and Pippa Middleton. Katrina’s grandmother and the Middleton sisters’ great-grandmother, Lily, were sisters.

She calls herself the “Royal Family’s closest brush with soft porn,” and Katrina will be stripping on March 13 at her X-rated God Save the Queen show at WIP in SoHo.”
I guess it really is all about nudity and publicity, isn’t it?

A nude hat fashion show gets publicity. A nude semi-royal gets publicity.

It’s official. The world likes nudeness!

“I take my clothes off, but I don’t give away anything that should be kept for someone else,” she told the New York Post.
Well, I would think that’s subjective, isn’t it? Some people would think even showing a little leg to someone you’re not married to is sacrilegious.

I mean, is there an accepted amount of nudity anymore?

Can a stripper be modest?

Can a bikini model be prudish?

Is it okay to be topless on a beach but not in a magazine?

Does it matter what the nudity’s intent is?

How nude is too nude?

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  1. Anonymous10:36 PM

    You ask provocative questions about the nude in society. Like problems in philosophy, there are no absolute final answers. But the nude depends a lot on context, intent, audience, intended audience. -- Frankster