Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Looking to the Individual

A hospital in Italy that would not accept a stripper's blood donation illustrates how strongly the belief is embedded that strippers are prostitutes.

Martin Whitmore Image
Even after explaining her monogamous situation to the hospital, they refused her donation because they still believed she posed an STI risk.
“It is not clear in this case what risk the woman posed. She was in a formal and stable relationship," Agitalia was reported as saying in Corriere della Sera. "Even if her job could be seen as 'immoral' or 'unorthodox', it cannot be seen as an STI risk.” 
We are so quick to judge people based on the cultural beliefs about groups of people.

In no situation is it correct to stereotype people, whether it be because of race, gender, sexual preference, or occupation.

We need to base our opinions of people on the individual. On the person standing in front of us.

No one person is an ethnicity, color, job, or anything.

We are all individuals.

Let's start treating each other with the assumption of uniqueness and goodness.


  1. Anonymous9:52 AM

    This is the 21st century. Isn't all donated blood tested for STI. Even a pope could be a carrier of disease. Hope I never need a blood transfusion in Italy.

  2. Anonymous7:04 AM

    Humans depend on stereotypes for survival. Maybe the are wrong sometimes, but when I know an individual is a criminal I tend to avoid him. Why set yourself up for being a victim, or let your children become victims because you want to be nice to everyone? If a strange man comes to your door and your husband isn't at home do you feel safe? Get real.

  3. Anonymous5:22 AM

    During class I chatted up a classmate who I learned worked as a stripper. We started talking and she told me some things about her job, like how she enjoys it but really needs the money to pay for her education (I knew that). But that's pretty much it. She's kinda guarded about what she actually does at her club. Later I got to thinking what it FEELS like to be a stripper. No I would never apply for such a job, I'm just curious what it the job entails and what it takes to become a dancer. IDK where else to ask. Anyone have experience in a club? Also what kinda body do you need. I heard dancers have to be super developed? My classmate is like stacked. Physically I'm pretty short and average in measurements (B/C cup).
    Strippers and Hoes