Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Stripper Baby Photo Seems Inevitable But Wrong

I opened this photo sent by a friend not knowing what I would find.

I’d like to say I was shocked, but rather I felt more of a sense of, yeah, I can see someone’s mind putting the pieces together and taking a photo of a baby on a lamp post as a stripper pole.

Perhaps the inevitability of this photo began back when stage mothers started dressing their young pageant daughters as strippers and fan dancers for the talent portion of beauty competitions.

The idea, the thought, of young girls dressed as strippers surrounds us in our culture. Until we then get a photo of a mother taking it just one step further. A mother completely sexualizing her baby in a stripper outfit with a pole to swing on.

Awkward moment to explain one day to this girl?

Is it funny? Cute? To me, no. To most mothers, I would think not.

Maybe some would say it’s no worse than dressing up one’s baby in a cheerleader outfit or a sports jersey with one’s favorite team. I mean, the baby doesn’t choose that either.

I’ll even admit I was guilty when my daughter was a baby when I dressed her in a pink bikini style bathing suit.

But for me, this photo just seems wrong on another level as it purposefully uses a child in a hyper-sexualized fashion.

I’m an ex-stripper and believe in the rights of women to make their own choices when it comes to their occupations. But I’m also a mother and just don’t see the humor in dressing a baby up as a stripper.

Were you surprised by this photo?

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