Monday, February 04, 2013

Free Breasts Contest for Flat-Chested Women

Q102 radio station in Philly wants to help out an unfortunate woman this year. A woman unfortunate enough to have been dealt the serious blow of being small-breasted.

Are you looking to make some big changes in the New Year? Need a lift after the holidays? Then listen up! All you need to do is submit a tasteful picture of yourself showcasing your tiny ta-tas.

How fabulous is a contest like this for women’s self esteem? If you have small breasts, there must be something missing from your life. If you do not have the body of a porn star, there must be something wrong with you.

Photo of Q102 contestant
Who would pass up this opportunity for a new pair of free breasts?

As I flipped through the photos of the contestants I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful they already are.

Why must we continually push women to want to be something other than what they are?

While I think every woman needs to make her own choices for what is right for her, it still feels pretty disheartening for people to actively be implying that a woman’s body is flawed or somehow imperfect if it doesn’t match the standards of our culture.

When are we going to say enough is enough?


  1. It is very tiring for people to still hold these kinds of views. From a male perspective, female beauty is so many things that any one way to describe it seems like a waste of words. Enjoy everything, celebrate everything, love what is instead of fantasies of what might be. You can't fake attraction but you can certainly allow yourself to really enjoy a wide variety.

  2. Thanks for your great input, Faustwriter!