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This is just a small sampling of the hashtags that go along with social media beauty challenges and the challenges meant to disrupt their hold on our attention.

The egg collarbone challenge
Social media beauty challenges have proliferated recently. From thigh gaps to coin or egg balancing in one’s collarbones to The Belly Button Challenge, which involves touching one’s belly button by reaching around one’s waist, these challenges are meant to highlight how thin someone is.

These challenges are everywhere, from Chinese beauty pageants to Instagram—the latest being “A new Instagramchallenge has thousands of teens posting dramatic videos of themselves 'lookingugly'.”
The latest social media challenge has teens smearing their faces with makeup in the name of body-positivity — but the videos are actually just insulting…The hashtag #DontJudgeChallenge was trending on Instagram earlier Monday where there are over 85,000 thousand posts using the hashtag.

Of course, just as we have all these negative social media body challenges, we also have lots of people challenging the challenges with some challenges actually worth doing.

Teens are actually showing their flaws and tagging them #BeautyInAllChallenge. They’re saying, this is me, pimples and all. And I am beautiful.

Today I’m starting a hashtag to encourage everyone to my #AndIAmBeautiful social media challenge:

Take a photo or video of yourself with one hand over your heart to represent the message coming from your heart and give a reason that has nothing to do with physical appearance about why you are beautiful, and label it #AndIAmBeautiful.

#AndIAmBeautiful because I care deeply about people...

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