Thursday, July 09, 2015

Wear Whatever The Hell You Want To!

I’m curious. Which do you think is a bigger factor in why you wouldn’t wear a crop top?

Age or body type?

The magazine answered a “reader” question about whether she could “rock a crop top” by saying you should only wear one if you have a “flat stomach,” otherwise you should “layer” to keep your unflat stomach hidden.

Well, of course, people are going to call you out for body-shaming when you say something like that, but are we taking this anti-body-shaming trend a bit far when no one can say anything without being accused of it?

Lola the Stripper Goes Completely Off-Topic

Yes, we all know that we can wear whatever we want. But when answering a stupid question (Sorry! Why are we blaming the answer and not the questioner for even asking?!), you’re going to get a stupid answer.

Yes! Wear whatever you want! But when it comes to style, there are always going to be people who will say certain sizes and ages shouldn’t wear certain items.

Can you rock something that a lot of people will disagree with?! Of course! But don’t ask for permission. Just wear whatever the hell you want. Why, oh why, are we still asking these questions?

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