Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Claim Your Super Power

This morning in the minivan, my four-year-old said, “Do you know who my favorite super hero is?”

“No. Who?”

“Hulk Smash!”

“Why? Because he's so big or because he’s so strong?”


“Do you want to be strong someday?”

A pause from him. I catch my mistake in the silence. Why am I delaying his being strong to the future as opposed to right now?

“I mean, are you so strong?”

“Yes!” He shouts back without delay. “I am so strong!”

Why can't I be as confident as he can in being what I want to be? He tries on abilities with no problem, claiming them for himself as desired. I know deep down he is aware that he isn’t literally as strong as Hulk, but that does not stop him from embodying it for himself.

When does our ability to declare positive attributes for ourselves grind to a stop? When do we begin to focus more on our weaknesses, on what we are not, on what we cannot do or be?

Is there any way to recapture that brilliant childlike belief that we can all be superheroes?

We are superheroes. With super powers.

We just need to claim it for ourselves.

Who do you want to be today?

What super power do you create for yourself today?

WARNING: For this to work, you are actually going to have to live into the strength you choose. You are going to have to “act as if” you already have the power, which you do, you just might not realize it.

You will need to be brave and feel your power and live it.

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