Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Feeding Techniques

Genevieve’s appetite for adult food is insatiable. Tonight she stuffed handfuls of brown rice, chunks of chicken and bits of veggies into her overflowing mouth. As long as Nick and I are eating it, she wants it.

Nick asked, “Do you think anyone else feeds their kids this way?”

“This way” includes pre-biting her food, licking off any sauces for her and then dropping the prepared bites onto her highchair tray.

I’m sure there are other parents out there using our methods. And I’m sure there are other moms and dads who would be mortified to know that I suck spices off of my child’s food before giving it to her.

I will even admit to following the 30-second rule regarding toys and crunchy foods that fall onto the floor. And sometimes when her toys fall on the street from her stroller I will pick them up, brush them off and hand them back to her when no one else is looking. I’ve even been known to use tap water instead of filtered water for mixing her breakfast cereal.

In spite of it all though, Genny keeps purring and choo-chooing. She doesn’t seem to mind our parenting techniques yet, although I imagine there will come a point when she’ll rather receive her food unsucked.

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