Thursday, May 12, 2005

Guaranteed On Time

Baby boogers will be dripping through my nightmares tonight. Genny woke up with a raging cold and she’s been oozing snot all day long. She soaked through three onesies and at least as many bibs, baby wipes and washcloths.

She only took one short nap this morning. She cried and screamed. And she so badly wanted to eat, but as soon as she would try to chew she had to reopen her mouth to breathe resulting in food just falling back out upon her bib.

Then there was the rubbing of the nose, mouth and eyes that spread goobers from left ear to right.

With all the dealing with sick baby I totally missed my florist appointment. I’m a tad bit afraid of Lou the florist, too. He made a big deal about me not missing the appointment and then I go and flake.

This is so not like me. I’m the type of person who shows up a half-an-hour early for all appointments. This is why I always ended up being first dancer of the day at strip clubs. No wonder bar owners loved me so much. Who’d ever heard of a habitually punctual stripper before?

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