Monday, May 09, 2005


I’m feeling under the weather today. There’s that fish-swimming-in-my-head feeling and that itchy eyes and ears sensation. My throat tickles and aches. Oh, and my nose is running.

It came on all of a sudden. I woke up this morning and moaned, “Ugh, I’m sick.”

It’s not like there’s any new stress in my life right now. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, Nick lost his job last week. There’s nothing a new family needs more than an unemployed head-of-the-household.

Not that I’m worried or anything. Nick’s always able to get freelance work. I’m thinking it’s time for me to start working more, too—add on some more yoga clients and maybe start a class out here in Jackson Heights. What a perfect time to get sick.

I still managed to take Genevieve to Travers Park. She tried crawling up a slide at the playground. She tried eating a pistachio shell she found stuck in a crack in the padded blacktop. And she tried crawling through a barred fence to get to a dirty balloon.

Now I’m noticing that my body is aching so much that I can barely lift my arms. I think I’ll go crawl into bed myself.

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  1. Hi Sheila, found your blog via Wendy's blog. I used to be a stripper too and I write poetry and I'm a mom. I started a memoir, but I get bored with prose (I write poetry), so I just gave it up and now I'm working on a poetry manuscript based on the stripper theme.

    Have you read some of the memoirs by former dancers? I have "Strip City"--it's ok, but she mostly worked in no contact clubs. Not sure which type you've worked. When you add contact, it takes the job to a whole new emotional level. The story is also based on her coming back into the game after many years and deciding to do a "tour."

    It's been difficult for me to process this experience. I've had a hard time feeling anything about it, i feel sort of numb, or like my emotions feel out of proportion. I detach easily. I think it's learned--while you're working it's so important to keep emotions seperate from the job and then you try and make sense of them and you can't. It's been three years out for me and I'm just starting to connect with the first year, what drove me to do it, and that was almost 12 years ago!

    But I don't regret it at all. If I had to do it all over again, I would.

    Nice to meet you!