Wednesday, June 08, 2005

This Summer

Suburbia soothed my savage mommaness. I am home in the Heights and feeling much more relaxed and at ease.

Genevieve swam for the first time today. Well, maybe swam isn’t the right word, but she did splash around in Grandpa’s pool. And so did Mommy. I was very impressed that I made it into the water up to my shoulders. I usually don’t do well with cold water.

And since I was doing the whole suburban super saver center thingie, I also hit the local Target, which much to my great delight, had nestled within it, a Starbucks. I feel very madcap and carefree when I pull out my Starbucks gift card to pay.

Genny and I were both very excited to see Nick when he came home from work, perhaps Genny a little too much so, because she couldn’t fall asleep tonight. Nick tried to put her down for half-an-hour while I cooked dinner, but to no avail, so Genny had a second dinner of green beans. She finally passed out at nine o’clock.

I’m feeling very revved up and hyper. I’ve got about twenty tasks to do in the next couple of weeks. I have to take the GRE as a formality for Grad school, but I still feel the need to do well. Looks like I’ve got some serious math review to tackle.

And I need to get some writing done on an essay. And I need to figure out what Lit class I’m taking in the fall. Then there’s organizing, ebaying, working on my new website, freeing myself from depression, enjoying being a newlywed, washing the dishes, putting away Genny’s toys, planning a Mommy and Me yoga class and returning emails. And that’s just what is on the tip of my mind.

I think I will make a trip to Connecticut an every week experience for the summer. It will do every member of my family some good.

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  1. You totally shouldn't study for those GRE's. I did horribly, I think. I hardly read any of the questions -- just picked the answers that looked prettiest. No one is going to look at your score. I promise!