Tuesday, June 07, 2005


This is what my life has come to. Standing in line at WalMart staring at a bag of fried pork skins and finding myself actually interested in whether "US" magazine's cover story about Tom and Katie, "Getting Married", is true.

Welcome to Suburbia.

I'm in Connecticut tonight at my mom and stepdad's place. This is where I find myself standing during my rare time off. A super saver center. Buying stuff to organize all of Genny's toys.

I smell WalMart pizza and I feel scared because it smells good.

It's 9:30 pm and I can't believe how many babies are here. They all seem to be eating cheese doodles.

Of course, I chose the wrong line. I've been in this line for twenty minute while the manager stands at his little desk with his, "How may I help you?" vest on, but he's not helping me.

Genny cried her little head sweaty again tonight. She didn't take her afternoon nap and did not want to take her evening sleeptime either. Eventually she fell asleep on my chest and I was able to place her down.

I think I'll go savor some quiet time before I pass out.


  1. Hi there- found you through 'next blog'.

    IMHO, *nothing* is quite as depressing as being in a Walmart lineup. Nothing.


  2. Uuuuummmmm, this is my 2nd experience with cheese doodles in 2 days... now they're all I dream of...

  3. Ah yes, Wally World - a veritable cornocopia of junk food and rag magazines. Are Brad and Angelina sleeping together? is Tom Cruise really in love with Katie or is it all a PR gimic? It is really sad how our lives are ruled by both.
    My current obsession is these M&M Amazing chocolate bars ever since your wedding. Damn you! It's a conspiracy so that I get so fat I can't attract a husband!
    hee hee...I have only myself to blame. But I sure do feel inadequate at the park where I workout with all the other pretty people.

  4. Know what's more depressing than being stuck in line at Wal-Mart for 20-odd minutes? Working there.
    On the plus side, it gives me a chance to check out the above-mentioned high-quality journalism - like the Enquirer's "Alien Bible found: They worship Oprah!" headline from a couple months back.