Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Call for Strength

It is time for a vacation. Nick, Genny and I are going up to the Adirondacks for a long weekend holiday. We’re staying with our friends Wendy and Danny. We’ll be shut off from computer access, so this will be my last posting until Monday evening.

I’m worried about my mother. I need her to feel better. It is so painful to see her sick. I feel powerless and helpless and out of words. My sadness surges through me. Why can’t I do more to help her? Why can’t I be wealthy and provide her with the comforts she needs right now?

Asking why—is all I feel I can do right now, but I know it does no good.

I can pray. Ask for guidance and strength, for myself, my mom and my family.


  1. Don't forget you can ask others to pray for yu and her, too. You are both in my thoughts and prayers more than you know.

  2. .. and that goes for me as well.