Sunday, July 03, 2005

Holiday Weekend

Genny woke up very early this morning. It wasn’t even six o’clock, but she was wide-awake and ready to go. I wasn’t exactly bushy-tailed. We ate some waffles and played with toys with wheels in the living room.

We went out to New Jersey in the afternoon for a picnic at Nick’s cousin’s home. Lots of rolling farms of corn, hay and alfalfa. It was a good day. Genny bobbled in their swimming pool in a dog tube.

I did some yoga in the backyard and two little girls came over and asked what I was doing. So before I knew it, I had two little munchkins practicing with me.

Back at home and here I sit. I just had a half glass of Newman’s grape juice and I’m thinking I might go to bed soon. These days of Genny’s rising early are stacking up and I’ve got an over tired body and mind. Tomorrow we’re off to my Dad’s house for another lazy summer day.

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  1. I will be expecting some photos of her swimming...