Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Seal Pup

Today was one of those rough all-day-with-the-baby days. I wasn’t able to go to work because Genny was too sick. Her excessive crankiness was just the beginning of my unlucky day. I dropped and broke my cell phone; I lost a bottle of milk in the grocery store; I smashed three baby videos onto my bare foot; I forgot to buy waffles for Genny at the store; Genny poked me in the eye. I don’t think the last item reflects my not having bought waffles, but I can’t be sure.

To top off my lovely day, our upstairs neighbor hassled me. Every week or two her grandson comes to stay. Whenever I run into her in the elevator she always says, “If he’s ever too noisy, please just come and tell me.”

Well, this past Saturday he must have been playing Batman or something, jumping off Grandma’s bed and thumping his body all along our ceiling. He woke Genny up twice. So, Nick went up and politely told them the situation. She proceeded to tell Nick that he can’t be complaining all the time (this was our first time), that the grandson only visits once every three months (ha!) and that basically, screw you, they weren’t going to quiet down.

So, lucky me gets to ride with Grandma in the elevator today, who proceeds to inform me that Nick had no right coming up and ringing her bell on Saturday. I was just like, Okay, smile, smile, and then I quickly got off the elevator and felt like, what happened to the nice lady who always tells me to tell her if her grandson is being too noisy?

The big problems of living in a cheaply made Queens apartment. I suppose it could be worse. Right now I’m just hoping that Genny manages to sleep through the night.

Which for whatever reason leads me to the fact that I haven’t been writing. I’ve been uncreative and feeling like a beached seal pup about to be clubbed by a big bearded hunter. I don’t want my brain and blood to ooze out on the white white ice and snow.

So, there you have it.


  1. OMG! That was your opportunity to bring up what she told you - that your whole reason for sending Nick was because she said you should!

    Easier said than done. Please reconsider for the future. My therapy revolves around NOT letting these moments slip by because they damage you more than you realize. Perhaps that tape loop of yours would be quieter if you stood up for yourself more.

    As I said, easier said than done. particularly for women. We are trained from birth not to make waves. And as a result, society won't let us be angry.

    There are ways to be assertive without being angry or hurtful to the person receiving your gripe. Maybe we should practice with each other. I know I'm terrible at it.

  2. ... and on the other hand, waffles can be pretty important some times... :-)

    I know things aren't always easy, but - I want you to know how much you make me laugh when you write about you and the baby - throwing food at your back, ertc., all the things that SHE things are just sooooooo funny!