Monday, August 29, 2005

Bills and other crap

Monday night always makes my stomach a little weasy—it’s bill night.

Nick just said, “Crap!” as he looked at our spending and earning curve on the computer. It’s so frustrating because we are still spending so much more a month than we earn. And we are so frugal and conscientious. We track every last penny that we spend. Sometimes I feel like slapping my previous self for relying on my credit cards all those years, but when you live in the city, you tend to need some help if you aren’t a stockbroker or something else magnificent like that.

I need to shake it off now and finish preparing for my first day of classes tomorrow. We will all be introducing our projects in our first memoir workshop. It’s time to fully enter back into my stripping days. My life as a nude lady.

My stepfather just called to let us know my mom was admitted to the hospital. She has a 102.3 temperature—she has an infection. The doctors took cultures and now they wait to see where and what kind of infection it is. It’s most likely in her port a cath. Hopefully, she will only be in the hospital for a few nights and it will be cleared up.

I hope this doesn’t turn out to be another long hospital stay. I hate thinking of her lying there on the seventh floor in the cancer patient hall.

And on a final note, Genny took a few unaided steps in the library today although I do not think she was aware of her accomplishment.


  1. Hey Shelia,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I do hope everything turns out okay and soon.

    But hey, good luck with school tomorrow! :)

    And don't worry girl...We're all broke. :)

    - Ash

  2. Hope yer Ma feels b eeter and gets home soon, and YEAY! YOU STARTED SCHOOL, AND IT SOUNDS PRETTY AWESOME!

  3. Hi Sheila Hageman. Can I find any information on here? My friend said to check out this post for information on old bills but this does not seem like the most relevant of blogs. I like cruzing through your site but maybe search engines might have more information. Need to come back later though...great blogs!