Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Let the scheduling begin

Well, it happened. The school semester began. I feel jubilant, exhausted and buzzing. The load of work from these classes is truly loading. There will be much writing of papers and writing and writing and gnashing of teeth. My literature class, Gendered Writing in the Renaissance, feels a bit scary and overwhelming. My memoir workshop and craft class are awesome. I’m overflowing with ideas and insights after our first night together.

My mom is still in the hospital. When I spoke to her earlier she was feeling lousy and her fever was going up again, but Nick spoke with her later and she seemed to be doing better.

Nick picked Genny up from the babysitter, which was totally unexpected for Genny (although I did mention it to her earlier). She was upset that I did not pick her up at our usually appointed time of 4:00. She was waiting at the door and I did not appear. When Nick got there she was not happy—Nick suggested that she might have been worried about me and my nonappearance.

I looked in at her when I got home. She’s splashed out on the pale yellow sheet. Her long body fast asleep.

I need to work out my working schedule for homework and writing. It is going ot be important to structure my time well. I foresee some frustrating moments when I will feel the need to be writing, but the baby will have other ideas.

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