Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Birthday Eve

Time for reflection on my birthday eve.

The birthday numbers are meaningless, I know.

I seem to keep track of my children’s ages more than my own now. I know my place in time through where they are situated. I wonder if that will always last. Or if one day I will again know myself through only me.

Probably never again will I be only me. And that is a wonderful thing, now that I think about it. Yes, I long for the time when I will have some alone time again, but it is beautiful to be a part of a family. There will always be someone there to love me. I have created my life into a world where I am surrounded by good and caring people.

My reflections tonight are good, peaceful, satisfying. I am happy where I am today. I have no regrets or fears as I move into my birthday this year.

Life is overly full, abundant.

1 comment:

  1. and you're wrinkle free! wow! I wouldn't do a close up like that! kudos to you and happy early birthday!