Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Nursing Post

Multitasker Extraordinaire!

This is the nursing post.

I can nurse while doing just about anything…radio interviews, cooking, playing Chutes and Ladders, blogging…you name it and I bet I’ve nursed and done it.

And now I’ve just been spit up on while blogging! How cool is that?

The coolest part about nursing that no one talks about is how all the closet stripper moms can expose themselves legally wherever they wish. If you’ve always wondered what it’s like to bare your breasts to strangers then just become a nursing mother. Although don’t expect to make any tips.

Men can get pretty uncomfortable when they see breasts being used for something other than their pleasure. The funniest result is when a man comes up to speak to you, not realizing you’re nursing, and then does a crazy fast turnaround in embarrassment.

It never bothers me if people see me nursing, but perhaps that has something to do with my past.

I actually sometimes wish that someone would come up to me while I’m nursing in a public place to tell me to cover up. They’d wish they’d kept quiet.

“Cover up?! It’s my legal right to nurse in public! I’m feeding my child! Nourishing our future!”

Here’s to our multitasking breasts! Lovely to look at and nutritious to suck on!

Suck on!


  1. Yes. As a man, I can tell you there is dissonance sometimes. Awe for mothers, and their breasts, as sources of sustenance and comfort: that is one emotion. Excitement about women, and their breasts, as beautiful and sexy: that's another emotion. Both are (I think) good, positive, healthy things to feel; but feeling both at once can be confusing. The soothing one gets from a partner, from sex, isn't (yet, in some ways, is?) the same as the soothing one gets from a parent. Breasts symbolize both. What a world!

  2. Sheila10:18 AM

    Cool! Thank you for your comment!

  3. I don't think your past has anything to do with level of comfort. I think some women are just not comfortable with nursing - either seeing it or doing it themselves. As I've always said, the nipples have awesome power! Why else would some naked mannequins be covered in some stores but not in others. People, it's a breast! It's no big deal! But for some people it is. I think religion and cultural influences have a lot to do with everyone's perception of boobs in public.