Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Why is Cole not sleepy?

Why does my back ache?

Why does Genny not like me to take her photograph, but she’ll let other moms take it?

Why did I not appreciate my free time before I had children?

Why has the weather been so chilly even with global warming?

Why is Cole scratching my leg brutally and slobbering on my hand?


  1. hee hee - wait until your KIDS start asking questions! are you prepared?! "why is the sky blue? why do apples grow on trees? why does the ocean flood and recede? why is the moon full? why does the moon disappear?"


  2. Our daughter has started. When she's curious about something, it's not just one question, but 10 in a row.

    I like it. It's a challenge to give an accurate as possible answer while maintaining understanding for her level for technical types of questions... and open, honest but appropriate answers for emotional types of questions.