Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Something cute and fuzzy was munching on our corn stalks. We need to build a protective fence around our entire garden.

Tomorrow is Genny’s last day of Montessori school for the year. I’m looking forward to the cute graduation ceremony they do.

I was doing pretty well all day, but I’ve got a headache now. And, you know, I’m a bit exhausted.

It was chilly out today. In fact, I took Genny and Cole to Long Brook Park and Genny wanted to come home without playing because she had goosebumps.

That’s it. I’m absolutely dry. I have nothing to write about. I was writing all day in my spare moments. My eyes are tired of looking at the keyboard.


  1. Anonymous1:20 PM

    Totally caught up in the rhythm of your life and the candid way you write.

  2. I have a headache too. :( Really getting tired of it. Got a new book: "The Keeler Migraine Method." Hope it helps. It's pretty interesting so far.