Monday, August 03, 2009

Nurse away

This is a new one—a breast-feeding doll.

I was surprised when I saw the title for this video on MSNBC. In fact, I was confused. Breast feeding? Like a baby doll and a mommy doll for it to nurse on? No: a baby doll to nurse on the little girl.

Sure enough, the video shows the commercial of a little girl putting on a halter top with flower pasties to nurse.

It seems odd to me, but Genny has never shown interest in nursing her dolls. Since she’s seen Cole nursing, the only reaction it’s spurred is that she wants to nurse again. But not seriously. She thinks it’s funny to pretend to want to latch on. I always stop her, but if I didn’t, would she actually nurse?

I wonder what her reaction would be to this doll. She reminds me all the time that she doesn’t want to be a mom. The reason? She saw me get a blood test while pregnant. I’ve explained that people get blood tests all the time for all kinds of things, not just being pregnant. And she’s already had blood tests. But still, she says, “I don’t want to be a mommy.”

Nick’s looking forward big-time to being a grandpa, so I hope she changes her mind.

I don’t know how I feel about the nursing doll. I mean, in principle, I don’t have a problem with it, but I do agree with the doctor being interviewed that it sexualizes young girls.

It would be better if the halter top didn’t have big flower pasties on it. Of course, then what? Pretend nipples? That would be weird.

I just don’t know. I guess being in a crappy mood today doesn’t help.

I’m feeling overwhelmed and unproductive.

If only I’d thought of the nursing doll, maybe then I’d be rich and sitting on a beach nursing my real child.


  1. Anonymous7:37 AM

    S, I agree the nursing doll is strange. In addition to your thoughts, it imposes a choice on a young girl. Not every woman chooses to nurse.
    Thanks for the news item.
    xo Sandy

  2. I also think the doll is strange. Is there such a demand for this type of doll that it had to be made? I've never seen young girls mimicking this behavior, and I like to think that nursing is a pretty public activity these days. But maybe it isn't and this doll was made to promote nursing?
    I like Sandy's point - that it imposes a choice. Why can't kids be allowed to just pretend? Why do they need so many realistic "tools" to somehow enhance the toy? It kills creativity. Just let a toy be a toy.

  3. Maybe it's about realistic "tools" to educate... or maybe it's just about making your product different enough to stand out in the crowd, make some noise, sell product and, in the end, make money.